top: hummingbird favorite Salvia gesneriiflora heats up a chilly February.

above: Winter is bloom time for hellebores, this one is 'Silver Dollar'.

above: though not in flower, this Salvia spathacea brightens up a shady section with its bright mint colored foliage.


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February 2017

Feburary 5 - Winter Wonders

while most of the country shudders under Winter chill and other recent disturbances, here by the Bay some species have woken from dry Summer dormancy, and for some of these, it is their time to shine. Here in the Duboce Triangle the same flowers bloomed a month later than last year, and I wonder if the rain had convinced the plants to put on more green before flowering.

above: Winter flowering salvias, clockwise from top left: S. 'Anthony Parker', S. dorisiana, S. semiatrata, S. vazquezii 


above: not a salvia, but clearly in the same botanical family, Phlomis fruticosa nana.

above: a variety of Ribes sanguineum obtaiend from Strybing.

As I type another chain of storms have crossed the Golden Gate,

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